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Common Procedures

CystoscopyA diagnostic examination performed under local anesthesia or sedation, a thin flexible telescope is passed by the urologist through the urethra into the bladder.   The bladder and the urethra, and in males, the prostate can be seen and examined.  Biopsies or treatments  may be done through the cystoscope. Sometimes a tube or stent is passed to the kidney to help treat kidney stones or to take x-rays of the inside of the kidney.


Cystometrogram (CMG):  A diagnostic test to measure the nerve and muscle function of the bladder.  A small catheter is placed in the bladder, and the residual urine measured.  The bladder is then filled with either carbon dioxide gas or water and the volumes and pressures are measured as the bladder fills and empties.  Frequently the electrical activity of the sphincter muscle, electromyogram/EMG), is measured in a manner similar to an electrocardiogram.  Some physicians also measure the abdominal pressure by placing a small catheter in the rectum as well.


Lithotripsy:  A treatment for kidney and ureteral stones in which shock waves are focused on the stone, and the stone is broken into small pieces so they may pass. These procedures are done by our physicians with the Dornier/Mid Atlantic Mobile Lithotripsy unit, located at MAUI. (see more)


Sonogram and Biopsy of the ProstateA test for prostate cancer, in which a finger sized sonographic probe is placed in the rectum, the prostate is examined and then a needle is passed through the sonographic probe or sometimes through a finger guide, and multiple small pieces of prostate are removed for microscopic evaluation.  While most commonly done without anesthesia, some patients may request sedation. (see more)


VasectomyA surgical procedure to remove a small segment of the vas, the sperm carrying tubes to produce permanent male sterility.  This may be done under local anesthesia or sedation. (see more)